Reduce Your Stress With Listening Music

May 23rd, 2010 by san-felice team

Personally I enjoy very much on listening to music, when work, study and during my free time, it is always good an opportunity to hear a bit of music. And today I understood why I like both: listen to music generates the same relaxing affect that when receiving a massage.

A new study showed that the result of a meeting of massages and be lying listening to music is equally effective in reducing the anxiety.

Researchers at the Group Health Research Institute used 68 people to make this study. These 68 volunteers were divided into groups, each of this received different treatment.

Some received a massage with music, others have had bedtime and deep breathing while listening music and a third group had to lie down and listen to music while they were using heat panels of heat.

After three months was that in each of the groups anxiety levels had fallen by half.

It is from this study that can be said that lying under the sun a few minutes and hear a bit of good music is as effective as a massage. Good news for those who need relax but cannot afford a meeting of massages.

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