Home Remedies For Gastritis

December 21st, 2010 by san-felice team

There are several home remedies that can help combat the malaise of the gastritis. If it is a condition that reiterates with often must consult a doctor because the symptoms can escalate to cause an ulcer, a drilling or an obstruction.


- Take slowly to a glass of skim milk with yogurt.

- The green apple grated refreshes and softens the stomach.

- Take every morning a spoonful of olive oil

- Liquefy in half a cup with water leaves cabbage. Take the juice fasting.

- Take an unflavored gelatin in uninformed, at midday and at bedtime.

Councils against gastritis

- Take sufficient water

- To avoid soft drinks

- Not eat fatty foods

- To increase the consumption of fiber

- Eating fruits and vegetables

- To avoid condiments and meals very spicy

- Managing stress and anxiety

- To avoid the cigarette.

- Not eating tomatoes with their nuts. Shelling always before eating.


- Breakfast every morning a cup of oats.

- To develop a juice with four carrots and two lettuces leaves. Mix in a blender and eat the juice to the next day.

- In a glass of water, to place some teaspoons cider vinegar. Drink slowly.

- Boil a small onion in a bit of milk. Strain the liquid and drink hot.

Councils against heartburn

- To avoid the clothes very gathered at the waist.

- Eat vegetables that avoid the appearance of the acidity as the Carrot, potato and cauliflower.

- Reduce consumption of coffee and tobacco

- To avoid fried foods.

- The physical exercise is very beneficial to combat the acidity.

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